Indian Twitter's Gets Fleet Feature

The users of twitter in India is updated with the fleet feature. What is Fleet Feature? - As we can put the story on Instagram or Facebook for 24 hours same way now on twitter we have this featuer. It seems a newest addition to the application but is not the new concept at all. In Fact have the same roll as the stories we have on Instagram, Facebook And Sanapchat.

In the beginning very few countries where having this feature but now they have updated it for Indians as well. Fleet is going to be a kind of tweet itself but one would not be able to retweet, like or reply back. So if incase anyone wants to react on the fleet they will have to directly message. Fleet is not going to be on twitter's timline but have to click on the avatar to see the fleet. It is going to be displayed for 24 hours which have the facility to post a photo, video or tweet.

As per Kayvon Beykpour Indians will come to know about it in details very soon. Sharing the thoughts Beykpour said,"...there are many similarities with the Stories format that will feel familiar to people. There are also a few intentional differences to make the experience more focused on sharing and seeing people’s thoughts." Additionally, those who want to reply to a Fleet, they can click on it to send a Direct Message (DM) or emoji, and continue this conversation on their DMs.

- Renuka A. Chavan