Payment Services On What's App Now

Mark Zuckerberg chief executive of Facebook, what's app declares what's app payment services to be updated today in Brazil.

In January, Mark Zuckerberg outlined plans to offer the service in India, Indonesia and Mexico. But there will require some time for Indian's to get this service yet. Using Facebook Pay, the payments service WhatsApp owner Facebook launched last year. 

You use it by linking up your WhatsApp account to your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card and is also working with WhatsApp to complete transactions. “We have built an open model to welcome more partners in the future,” it noted. 

Mark Zuckerberg said -

  1. Today we are launching this service in Brazil.
  2. We are making payment and receiving money services so easy as sending pictures.
  3. WhatsApp Pay allows users to send money to one another for free or make purchases from small businesses.
  4. Brazil is the very first country for this services.

Let's hope India get's this service very soon

- Miss Renuka A. Chavan