Upcoming Cool Features In Whats App

Few brand new features are been updated in Whats App in upcoming days, as the world’s leading secure messaging platform continues to build out its functionality. But still there are some of the features which needs to take little more time to launch yet.





  1. There is a possibility for the share chat videos in Whats App, they are trying to develope their own player.

  2. Like Instagram Picture-In-Picture option is going to be available on Whats App.

  3. Web search image feature update will be provided to the I Phone users.

  4. Colourfull bubbles will be seen after switching the dark mode.

  5. The messages sended/receiverd on a particular date will be found just by putting the date ine the option.

  6. Storage Usage section is been redesigned.

So we will find out the coolest features very soon.

- Renuka A. Chavan ​